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Season Episodes Originally aired (U.S. dates)
Season premiere Season finale
1 20 January 17, 2014 (2014-01-17) December 7, 2014 (2014-12-07)
2 19 February 15, 2015 (2015-02-15) October 16, 2015 (2015-10-16) (Last Episode)

Episode list

"Season One"

Episode# PC# Original airdate Episode Description
1101January 17, 2014 (2014-01-17)PilotIn This Season 1 Openning:
Note#1: Lindy and Logan explain to their parents why their home is covered in foam, how a goat got into their living room and what happened to Mrs. Klasby, their 91-year-old babysitter.
Note#2: Lindy and Logan try to explain to their parents what happened to their babysitter, why a goat is in their living room, the house is covered by foam and pizza is falling from the ceiling.
(Note#1 is from "zap2it" & Note#2 is from anther Wikia)
2102January 26, 2014 (2014-01-26)Fireman Freddy's Spaghetti StationNote#1: The close-knit pals find themselves at their favorite childhood party station covered in spaghetti sauce.
Note#2: Logan, Lindy, Jasmine, Delia and Garrett get covered in spaghetti sauce surrounded by fourth-graders.
(Note#1 is from "zap2it" & Note#2 is from anther Wikia)
3103February 9, 2014The New GuyThe five pals think they've made a mistake in befriending the new guy in school so they search for ways to break up with him.
4104February 16, 2014Dear High School SelfLindy's brother and their friends are sent on a search about a letter Lindy wrote in third grade.
5105March 9, 2014If It Tastes Like a Brussels SproutJasmine and Logan invent a spray that makes vegetables taste even more delicious.
6106March 16, 2014LindyliciousWhen Lindy's smoothie creation makes it to the Rumblejuice menu, she sets out to make her drink a bigger splash in Chicago; Garrett goes undercover to solve a popcorn conspiracy at their neighborhood movie theater.
7107April 6 2014Snow ProblemLogan finds a ski chalet for a low rate; the five friends realize why the cabin was so cheap.
8108April 13 2014Dance FeverLindy tries to escape her nemesis, Sherri, and her goal of perfect attendance.
Special Guest star: Peyton List as Sherri
9109May 4 2014Now Museum, Now You Don'tLogan and Lindy's sibling rivalry gets heated when they both are hired at the Chicago Museum of Art. Meanwhile, Delia becomes convinced she is a descendant of Nefertiti, and gets Jasmine and Garrett to help her collect a DNA sample from the mummy exhibit.
10110June 22 2014In The Doghouse With The White HouseDuring a school trip to Washington, D.C., the first dog is stolen from the White House.
11111June 29 2014The Phone Challenge!Logan panics when his cell phone dies; his friends all give up their phones in solidarity.
12112July 13 2014Twin It to Win ItLindy and Logan participate in a twin telepathy study; Logan and Garrett try to fix the results.
13113July 27 2014Earth Boys Are IckyDelia wants an alien boyfriend; Logan is dating the vice principal's daughter.
14114August 10 2014Lindy Nose BestLindy promises not to interfere with her friends' business and things quickly escalate.
15115August 24 2014Ball or NothingLindy and Logan are on a mission to replace their father's football.
16116September 21 2014Logan's RunLogan learns that his friends think he runs awkwardly; Delia gets Brenda fired from Rumble Juice.
17117September 28 2014Bad NewsLogan steps in as co-anchor to help liven up Jasmine's morning news delivery.
18118October 05 2014Next of PumpkinDelia has been growing a pumpkin for six months with the hope of winning the largest pumpkin award.
19119November 02 2014Bicycle ThiefGarrett's bike is stolen when Lindy takes it for a ride; she tries to track it down.
20120December 7 2014Merry Miss SisLogan wishes he never had a sister after their sibling rivalry reaches an all-time high during a holiday party, and an angel grants his wish. Logan then sees how different his life would be without Lindy.

"Season Two"

I Didn't Do It Casts Season 2
  • Disney Channel has ordered a second season of its comedy series starring Olivia Holt (Kickin’ It), Austin North, Piper Curda, Peyton Clark, and Sarah Gilman. I Didn’t Do It revolves around the close-knit group of teens in the midst of a wild occurrence – something so absurd that it has them trying to explain away the craziness. Through flashbacks they recount the various and sometimes random moments leading up to their predicament. Since premiering in January, I Didn’t Do It has tied as Disney Channel’s No. 1 series among tweens 9-14. Series was created by Tod Himmel (90210) and Josh Silverstein (So Random!) and is produced by It’s a Laugh Productions.
  • Season 2 was officially announced on July 3rd 2014.
  • (Note: This Season, The episode# for this list will be 21/1. Is mark as series# & episodes# together)
Series#/Episode# PC# Original airdate Episode Description
21/1201February 15 2015Slumber Partay!In This Season 2 Openning: Lindy's slumber party plans land her, Delia and Jasmine into legal trouble.
22/2202March 1 2015The Not-So-Secret Lives of Mosquitoes & MuskratsWhen news breaks that Lindy is dating a student from a rival school, she becomes a social outcast.
23/3203March 8 2015Lindy Goes to the Dogs!Lindy has a hard time letting her foster dog go to his new family; Delia and Jasmine compete.
24/4204March 15 2015Lindy & Logan Get PsychedLindy and Logan are Delia's first patients when she takes an "Intro to Psychology" course.
25/5205March 22 2015Dog Date AfternoonJasmine volunteers at the Senior Center and makes some friends; Delia borrows Lindy's foster dog.
26/6206March 29 2015Logan Finds Out!Logan is dumped by his girlfriend; Lindy, Garrett and Delia find out that Jasmine likes Logan.
27/7207April 08 2015Food FightJasmine's new babysitting job is complicated by her nine-year-old charge.
28/8208April 19 2015Stevie Likes LindyA rich kid named Stevie falls for Lindy and tries to buy her heart; Garrett's hiding something.
19/9209May 31 2015Falling for... Who?Logan realizes that he has feelings for Jasmine at the school's fall dance.
20/10210June 7 2015Lindy and Logan's Brrrrthday!Jasmine, Garrett and Delia want to make Lindy and Logan's birthday extra special; a snow storm threatens their party plans.
21/11211June 21 2015Cheer Up GirlsLindy, Jasmine and Delia form a rogue cheerleading squad; Logan has a new gig as a superhero for kids' birthday parties.
22/12212July 10 2015
(New Day: Friday)
Lindy in the MiddleLindy plays matchmaker for Garrett and the new girl in school; it turns out that the new girl is more awkward than Garrett.

(As Of July 2015: "IDDI" have move to a new Day. It Now FRIDAY....)
23/13213July 24 2015Elementary, My Dear WatsonBetty's foghorn from her time in the Coast Guard is stolen; Logan tries to solve the crime.
"2nd Summary": Betty's foghorn from her time in the Coast Guard is stolen from Rumble Juice; Logan leads the investigation and everyone is a suspect.
24/14214August 7 2015Lindy Breaks GarrettLindy wants a girls day at the spa but Delia and Jasmine have a double date planned; she convinces Logan and Garrett to also spend the day at the spa.
25/15215August 14 2015Doggie DaddyLindy's latest foster dog, Lucky, warms up to Logan and the twins compete for the dog's affections; Jasmine accidentally sells Garrett's vintage action figure.
26/16216September 11 2015Drum Beats, Heart BeatsJasmine starts spending time with Logan during drum lessons and realizes that she has feelings for him.
27/17217September 18 2015The Doctor Is InGarrett starts work at a fast food restaurant; Lindy crushes on Dr. Gabriel, a veterinarian, and is upset that Logan hangs out with him.

Guest star: Bradley Steven Perry as Dr. Scott Gabriel
28/18218October 2 2015Bite Club Logan and Delia go to New York for a presentation as Marie Antionette and Albert Einstein and run into familiar faces at New York's biggest Halloween party; Betty and Garrett create a major candy scam while trick-or-treating.
29/19219October 16 2015The Rescuers Jasmine figures out her feelings for Logan; Lindy and her friends try to book a musical act for the benefit concert they're throwing to save an animal-rescue shelter.

(This is the finale episode of I Didn't Do It)
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